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Sendy Sauce Gift Pack
Sendy Sauce Gift Pack

Sendy Sauce Gift Pack

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We've put together a 3-pack with everything Sendy you need.

  • 5oz bottle of Original
  • 5oz bottle of Full Send
  • 5oz bottle of Weak Send
  • Sendy Sauce Neck Gaiter
  • Sendy Sauce Stickers
  • Wrapped in holiday packaging


The Original Sendy Sauce is the perfect blend of peppers and spices. This saucy goodness will not only spice up your life, but is GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY, with no artificial ingredients or gnarly chemicals that will ruin your otherwise rad day! The bottom line is that our hot sauce is amazing without burning your tongue off or destroying your meal! Ideal for everyday use – and safe for Grandma.

Weak Send-

We really think Weak Send completes the trifecta. This tomatillo based hot sauce is the sweet tanginess you never knew you needed. It's the perfect balance of flavor and had just the right amount of heat to make it everyone's go to for anything. Add it to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can't go wrong!

This is our GREEN sauce, think Green run on the mountain. It is a little sweeter and milder than our Original and Full Send sauces. 

Full Send-

This sauce is not just hot to trot – you still will enjoy the great tasting, full flavor of the Original Sendy… but then your blood starts pumping a little as your heat index rises and you realize – BAM! We weren’t joking when we named it FULL SEND! Full Send was designed to satisfy the extreme fire loving hot sauce enthusiasts.